Saturday, January 28, 2006

Da Vinci Code

I admit that I read Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code out of curiosity. I wanted to know what all the hullaballoo was really all about. And my curiosity was indeed satsfied after reading the book.

Dan Brown has a subtle way of revealing factoids and myths which simply grabs the reader's attention. And sometimes, it does make the reader think and reflect. After reading the book, one does not really know which is fact and which is fiction. The intrigue and the so-called "greatest" conspiracy in history of man is carefully unraveled bit by bit.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Abo Sa Dila

Abo Sa Dila (Ash on the Tongue) is the title of Mikael Co's blog. Who, you ask, is Mikael Co? Mikael or Kael is a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University, a former writer for Heights (AdMU's Literary Publication). He is a wonderful creative writer in both Filipino and English. Kael is the only person I know who can get away with speaking and reciting in Tagalog in an English or Philosophy (in English) class. He is that brilliant.

His latest post, Senti-naryo is his 100th blog entry. In the entry, he writes his sentiments about a number of random things.

Abo sa Dila is basically a peek into Kael's mind: his musings, reflections, and other things that are sometimes deep and sometimes mundane. He is always witty and sharp. He also posts his poems and other products of his bursts of creativity. Most of his blog's entries are in Tagalog.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Conrado de Quiros

Conrado de Quiros is one of the opinion colmunists of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. His column entitled "There's the Rub" appears in the aforementioned daily from Monday to Thursday. His is witty, straight to the point appears to follow a strict code of ethics and morality. He is not a moralist but he does have a good sense of right and wrong which is apparent in his opinions. De Quiros does not simply admonish the appaling but also praises the whatever requires praise. He also has a readable style of writing which is witty but simple.

His columns also appear on and a reader also compiles it on the De Quiros Blog.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

My Fair Maladies

I received a new book this New Year and so far I am loving it. The book is "My Fair Maladies" a compilation of "Funny Essays and Poems on Various Ailments and Afflictions". The book is edited by Cristina Pantoja-HIdalgo and published by Milflores Publishing Inc.

So far, I have read the first three essays and I am LOVE IT! The first essay is "Ock Ock" a witty essay on Obssessive Compulsiveness (OC) by Vicente Garcia Groyon. It is followed by an essay on Anal-retentivenes, "My Name is Susan, and I am Anal-Retentive" by Susan S. Lara. Then, a weird but mildly amusing take on knuckle cracking, "When I Get Cracking," by Jerusha Asprec follows.