Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Looking Forward to Eat, Pray, Love

People have been raving about Eat, Pray, Love and I have been initially turned off by the word "pray" in the title, but there is just sooo much buzz about the book, that I must read it. I asked some people and they say I won't be turned off by the "pray" part.

I usually buy a book, read it, and watch the movie adapted from the book. In this case, I watched the movie's trailer and got even more interested in the book.

I think it's one of those inspirational books that will inspire me to be a better person, live my life better, and such.  I find it interesting.  I love it when the main character says "This is my leave no carbs behind experiment."  I can definitely relate to that.

Sir Gilbert Tan has been reading the book and he considers it one of his favorites, so I am even more encouraged to read it.

On to the bookstore to get myself a copy.

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